The fireflies

The Pink Lotus

The Pink Lotus

The pink petals smile to the morning light
Scatter in the muddy pond as the birth site
Large slim leaves cover the stinky surface
Where pink flowers transcend to free space 

What a wonderful life of the pink flowers
The roots and bulbs nourished by dirty water    
The flowers whirl up and expose to the wind
Then turn to a dozen tasty soft nuts therein

Man's birthplace does not define the destiny
The muddy stinky pond is the original family
While the pink lotus gives beauty and perfume  
Rise to one’s feet to change the old costume!

Salt Lake City, 21 Jun 2010
Published in "Sunflowers and Seashells"

The Dogs

The Dogs

The Lao dogs listen to the Laotians
The American dogs listen to the Americans
Each dog understands the owner
But between dogs and dogs
They use a common language
They all bark the same sound: Wong!

25 August 2011



The sea breathes
Either she cries
Or she laughs,
Her every motion,
Immured her salt,
From the beginning
Until the end of the earth.
Who knows
the Value of sea salt
the Value of Friendship.

Salt Lake CIty, April 1998
Published in “Awaking To Sunshine

The pink lotus

The dogs

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